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Keyless Door Locks – The Convenient Way To Enter Your Home

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Keyless Door Locks – The Convenient Way To Enter Your Home

Keyless Door Locks Are Just Like Keyless Entry on Your Car.

Have you gotten used to the keyless entry on your car? It’s a blast to just punch in a few numbers and get in.

Imagine having that type of freedom on your front door! Yes, keyless door locks are available for your home, office, and any imaginable application in between.

You can get locks that are mechanical, electronic (this means there is a small motor operated by batteries that opens the lock for you) or biometric (this uses your actual fingerprint to open the lock).

You can even get a combination of fingerprint and number pad for your entry lock. Locksmiths like the guys at www.statenislandlocksmith.net highly recommend these locks as well.

Is It Tough to Install a New Keyless Lock?

installing-keyless-lockActually, reviews have indicated that installation is fairly simple, so if you have basic mechanical skills, you can install your new lock. A few simple tools are required, with many reviewers stating that they installed their new locks in less than an hour.

The vast majority of keyless door lock manufacturers state that there are no wires to install, and that a basic entry door can handle a lockset like these.

What Are the Advantages to Keyless Door Locks?

Would you like to get rid of one more key from your key ring? This is just the first advantage to a lock that opens without keys.

Have you given out keys to friends, neighbors, employees and more, so that you don’t even know who has keys to your home or office? This is a way to rekey your home or office with a minimum of fuss. No more making new key copies.

If you want to give someone your code, go ahead. If you decide to change the code later, you’ll have to tell those people who you want to have access the new number.

Do you have a bad habit of losing keys? This makes keys obsolete. You can walk out the door with confidence knowing that when your return, you can walk right in without having to carry around that heavy key ring.

Security is a strong feature of keyless door locks. You may have seen them in offices, stores and other high-traffic places that require strong security.

One review stated that they use their keyless lock for their office bathroom, preventing unwanted visitors. Another reviewer stated that their keyless entry lock is used for apartment residents to access their community swimming pool. Still another review was from a day care facility who used the lock to prevent unauthorized entrance, providing additional security for their young charges.

What Do You Need to Be Aware of With Keyless Door Locks?

kwikset-kevoSome users have stated that it can be difficult to change the code on their door locks. Some locks require that you actually remove the lock from the door to make the code change. This could be inconvenient, so you may want to research available models before your choose a lock for your door.

Some locks require the use of batteries to operate the lock. You’ll want to check to see if your lockset choice requires batteries. Most manufacturers indicate that the batteries can last for 2 to 3 years of operation.

Some locks automatically re-lock when you step through the door. If this is inconvenient for you, you may want to look for a lockset that will activate when you tell it to.

Keyless door locks can come in latch-style models, or in a deadbolt model. Your needs will depend on your current door. Many keyless door locks also come with a key operation override, so you can open the door with a key as well.

Key codes can be changed as often as you like, and if you choose a fingerprint or biometric lock, many fingerprints can be stored in the lock’s memory to allow for multiple users to gain entrance. Some locks remember as many as 100 fingerprints.

Prices can range anywhere from $89 for a simple electronic lock to as much as $849 for a state-of-the-art biometric keyless door lock. Several very nice home security locksets are available in the $200-$300 range.

Shop online, or take a look at your local home improvement stores, since they will also carry a limited selection of keyless door locks. Keyless doors are the convinient way to lock your door.

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Reasons for Getting New Locks Installed Before Moving to a New Home

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Reasons for Getting New Locks Installed Before Moving to a New Home

There’s a lot of excitement that comes with the thought of moving to a new house. The smell of fresh paint, brand new switch plates and deeply cleaned spaces are some of the causes of this excitement. After a house is vacated, all necessary repairs and renovations are done to give the house a new look. Though not all homeowners prioritize installing new locks, locks are some of the  most vital aspects of consideration when moving to a new house. Locks are crucial components in the structure of the house. If you’ve once encountered a lock problem, then you understand how disturbing the problem is. Below are various reasons as to why you should consider getting new locks installed when moving to a new home and for even more info, check out ATL Locksmith Pros:


When it comes to moving to a new house and/or neighborhood, every effort of enhancing the wellbeing of your family and property cannot be underestimated. When you buy or rent a new house, you are given a set of keys that were used by the previous occupant. It is likely that the occupant has duplicate keys as well. You should rekey your locks or install new locks before the move-in date and before putting any valuable items inside the house. Scheduling a new lock installation immediately you are sure that you are moving to your new house is the only way to make your moving experience free of worries about someone else having keys to your home.

Replace old and damaged locks

old-padlockThere are two reasons for replacing old locks. One is to avoid the risk of unknown people having duplicate keys. The previous homeowners might have occupied the house and used the same locks for a long time. During this time, the keys were obviously exchanging hands. Maintenance guys, realtors, relatives to the previous owner and a whole lot of other people might have used the keys to gain entry into the home. The other reason is that aging locks are prone to malfunctioning. When an old lock fails to function or gets terminally damaged, the home is at risk of theft since it’s easy to break into the malfunctioning doors. Replacing old locks reduces the mentioned risks significantly.

Change locks to fit your style

Different people have varying opinions about their desired hardware in their homes. Changing door locks to match a specific desired style is more common with new homeowners than it is with renters. When you buy a house and have a specific style of locks that you really like, you could take the chance of changing the existing locks before moving to your new house. After all, it is your property and changing the locks could increase its value.

Remove locks with self-locking door knobs

Self-locking door knobs or latches are meant to save time. They help you to close the door behind you without using a key. However, the frustration they can cause in the occurrence of a lockout outweighs the benefit by far. Most people, even you, might have locked themselves out some time and understand that it is an unpleasant experience. If you find out that your new house has been fitted with self-lock knobs, it is time to replace them with “lock-proof” options before the frustrations of a lockout rip through your precious time.

Go keyless

august-smart-locksTechnology is changing life in all dimensions. Keyless door locks are becoming more and more popular as time goes. There are many advantages and reasons that attract homeowners to this “smart” choice. The obvious reason for installing this type of locks on your doors is avoiding the risk of losing your key. It means that you don’t have to carry keys around or hide a spare key somewhere in your property like many homeowners currently do.

This technology also allows you to provide entry to your home only at your discretion. Housekeepers, dog-walkers, guests, and maintenance professionals can enter into your home even when you’re very far away. You only need to provide them with the code. Automated door locks also enable you to know of any attempts to open your doors thus giving you an idea of how secure your home is.

With these reasons in mind, it is certainly important to consider getting new locks installed when moving to a new home. Hiring a locksmith to install the new locks should be the next integral decision. The locksmith will ensure that the right locks are installed properly and that the security of your home is enhanced before you settle in.

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Weiser Lock

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Weiser LogoDo you want a guarantee for top security in your household? Have you ever wondered what that one solution to the safety of your house or property under a house or structure is? Well look no further than Weiser Locks. A complete solution to safety of material property and of family under one roof. Weiser locks are key innovators in the door ware industry and brings in a pool of expertise that together, results in the fashioning of grade 1 security door locks.

Weiser is recognized for innovation and modern product development that is wrapped up with the latest technological advancement to ensure maximum security of both families and material property. The deadbolt is the part of the lock fitted into a door, which is moved when the key is engaged. Weiser offers various products in this context and is customized into different finishing to suit the customers wants.

Weiser ensures the different fashion of the locks have the following quality that renders it number one security deadbolt product development;

Weiser locks have free spinning guards to deter wrench attacks, anti-pay shields, ant-pick top pins, together with ball bearing embedded cylinder cores for uncompromised security.

WeiserWeiser ensures high quality fashion doorware as this is the number priority of the company to ensure satisfaction of customer need and that is why over the years there has been a revolution of different deadlocks invented to tighten the security of individuals today. Through the changes, the number one drive i.e. provision of quality product and customer satisfaction has never been compromised and left to chance. Weiser has over the years ensured that the deadbolts are fashioned and built in such a way to keep up with the changing lifestyles and fashion trends of the society today.

The basic function of the deadbolts build up offered by the Weiser deadbolts includes;

• 9471/4471: Single Cylinder- which involves deadbolt operated by key outside and thumb turn inside

• 9371: Double Cylinder- Deadbolt operated by key both sides.

Weiser locks provide a wide variety of products and offers different lines of fashion door ware combines with a unique decorator finishes. The most popular line in Weiser locks is the Welcome Home series which features different styles of uniqueness, fashion and finishing which includes customization that allows the customer to align his need to satisfaction. Other lines include;

• Collections by Weiser- the finest line of door ware

• Electronic Keyless Home Access System Product

These solutions are picked depending on taste and preference and for convenience where Electronic Key less Home Access System Product is involved where only a personalized security code is used. Convenience comes in where with the security code one does not have to duplicate keys for kids or workmates. Weiser locks provide this solution and is the home for low cost, fashionable and customized style, wide selection and simple convenience deadbolts.

Weiser1The different lines of fashion from Weiser offers different products which include Element Series, Electronic locks, Smart key, Safe lock, Smart key padlocks. All these have different fashion of products that are packaged under these categories. The Element series provides a line that is flexible with the decorative choice of a customer. It offers a series of products that are customized to march up your house color or decorative decisions. The electronic locks provides a lock that is fitted and connected to a lock that get ids of the keys and one only needs to punch a security code and the door is opened. With the smart key lock you can re-key yourself in seconds. In addition, this only means that this technology provides the flexibility to re-key the locks fast and easy without removing the key from the door. The safe lock package provides line of knobs, levers, deadbolts, and handles sets. The smart key padlocks offer a technology to use the same key to unlock the home door and padlock.

Weiser also provides a smooth finishing and customized deadlocks that are fashioned in the following finishes;

• Antique nickel

• Satin nickel

• Bright brass

• Antique brass

• Bright chrome

• Satin chrome

• Venetian bronze

• Iron black

Weiser is the home for simple convenience, wide selection, unique style and all is got at a fraction of the cost. If you need any type of lock rekeying or repair services, don’t hesitate to call your local locksmith right away!


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Trouble With Your Car Ignition?

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Trouble With Your Car Ignition?

So you lost your car keys? Went to your nearest garage to get a new set and they are telling you to come back after a week! Outrageous. Now you have to get your way around in a cab. Sad, right? The more unfortunate discovery you are about to make is that you will return after a week to a greater disappointment. The keys they made do not really work. Yet. In the middle of confusion grabbing your hair as though to pull it out; what have they been doing for a whole week? Newsflash, they too need to access the car to program the keys to work for your car. Ouch!

But you do not have to go through that agonizing encounter every time you misplace your keys. A locksmith might just be what you need to look for, not any locksmith you get when you search for one online but a professional one who will let you in within a wink. Be it your car, house or office, a locksmith could handle that.

Why a locksmith is the best option

You are probably wondering what difference it would make than contacting a local garage? Here are some of the pros of getting a locksmith.

1. Availability factor- It is late at night and you just realized you need to get home and you cannot find your keys. What could you possibly do? No garage is working that late. Simple, get a locksmith. A locksmith can get to you at whatever time in whatever situation and be sure that by the time they leave, your access is granted.

save  money2. Affordability- You might think you got off easy paying a small fee to a small dealer to get you a new set of keys, but that is not the case after all. In the long run, the dealer you chose to trust with your lock did not have the correct skills to get everything in your system in sync. So after a week you are in trouble again. The good news is, locksmiths are fully accountable for their work. Professionals know best than to ask for payments for the same service twice. Their services might end up costing less than what you would have used purchasing a new lock.

3. Warranty- As is with affordability, small dealers will always want to get a little bit more from your pockets so they really do not accept the fault in their work. However, with the locksmith, be sure to get a warranty for their work. If it all goes wrong, they will ref-ix it without extra costs.

locksmith school34. Skill factor- The level of knowledge and technique that a professional locksmith has allows them to maneuver almost any type of lock with great mastery and minimal damage, if any at all. The locksmith also has the skill to inspect and offer ignition switch services in case the situation demands it so you would not have to call a mechanic at the same time.

5. Quality of work- You would let anyone fix your problem because you are desperate, understandable. But what will happen after you realize they broke parts of your lock or damaged your ignition switch simply because they did not have the correct equipment to suit the job? Fortunately, locksmiths will take that worry of your hands. Professional locksmiths are well equipped with the best tools to tackle the latest and most sophisticated technology so you do not have to keep stressing about what will be functional or not after the job is done.

6. Security concerns- You lost your keys but you have no idea who found them. That means whoever found them has access to your property. Locksmiths have the technique to determine whether your locks have already been tampered with and in addition give you advice on whether or not to change your locks and the best lock to pick. Your security is first priority and they, being well aware of that, enhance your security leaving you with no doubts at the back of your mind.

Bottom line

Locksmiths are arguably the best there is of a solution to any lockout situation at whichever location at whatever time. You will be glad you had that number on speed dial, so do not waste the chance to save it now.

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Locksmiths Can Save You Money When You’re Having Ignition Problems

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Locksmiths Can Save You Money When You’re Having Ignition Problems

The ignition system is one of the most important feature in a vehicle. It is used to trigger the engine cycle. However, just like any other car components, there are several ignition problems that prevents the smooth operation of the car. While you can fix some of the problems on your one, most of ignition problems should be attended by a locksmith who save you a lot of time and time.

Common ignition problems

· Key stuck in ignition

When the car key fails to come out of the switch after the engine is turned off, it is often caused by binding in the steering lock column or a damaged locking mechanism.

· Key won’t turn in ignition

Won't startIn some cases, the key may fail to turn when inserted in the ignition switch. This can happen when the front wheels are positioned at an angle against the curb. This puts a load on the steering linkage that is enough to bind the column lock and the ignition switch.

· Failure of the transponder to communicate with PCM

A malfunctioned light indicator means that the computer chip has lost its program and it is no longer functional. This ignition problem can be corrected in either of the following ways:

· Reprogramming the existing key. This depends on the extent of the damage to the chip.

· Reproducing the existing cut the programming a new key.

An experienced locksmith can assess the problem and determine which option to take.

· A Worn Out Key

worn out keyJust like other parts of a vehicle, keys also wear out and when this happens, they lose their effectiveness and may even stop working. A professional locksmith can make a spare key using the key code provided in the manual so that it is cut correctly. Otherwise you may need to replace the ignition switch together with the key.

· Key Is Broken Off Inside the Ignition Switch

If this happens, you should not attempt to remove the key or any other object that may get stuck in the ignition switch. A locksmith will carefully remove the broken piece and make a spare key if you do not have one. However, depending on the damage of the ignition switch and whether or not a spare key can be made, you may have to replace the lock cylinder and the keys.

If your car uses a smart key, a locksmith will program a new key using an advanced computer system.

How a Locksmith will Save You Money When You’re Having Ignition Problems

When faced with any of the above ignition problems, a professional locksmith will fix the problem and you will be back to driving your car. Most locksmiths are mobile, which means that no matter where you are, you can be sure that they will have the key replaced in no time.

When you call a locksmith you should provide all the important information about your car including the year, make so that they come with all the necessary materials, products and equipment to fix the problem. With the advancement in technology, locksmith can make the ignition switch and ignition key replacement from where you are stuck.

Before mobile locksmith, clients had to tow their cars to the car dealership to have the problem fixed which was is costly and inconvenient. Fortunately with mobile locksmith, this is no longer necessary which save you money and time.

Also, unlike when you hire a car dealership where you have to wait for weeks or even months before you get your new car keys, automobile locksmith takes only hours to replace your keys saving you lots of time.

With just a single call, a professional locksmith will come to your location and have the ignition problem fixed. Some locksmith are trained and they have the necessary tools to cut and program the new car keys being used today.

By cutting the unnecessary towing cost, a locksmith will save you hundreds of dollars and since most locksmith provide their services 24/7, you will no longer have to wait until the car dealer shop opens.

Besides saving you money and time, locksmith services are reliable. They are qualified technicians who and they will rarely frustrate. Therefore, you can replace on a locksmith anytime you have a car ignition problem.

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Wrap Your Car Keys In Aluminum Foil??

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Wrap Your Car Keys In Aluminum Foil??

With evolving technology, things have become much easier to do in ways that far surpass our imagination. Who thought that it would ever be possible to unlock your car without physically turning the key in the lock? However, that has happened and can be positively termed as ordinary in today’s world. But how is this possible? And how secure is such a system? And even more pressing is the need to clarify the absurd notion that you might need to wrap your car keys in aluminum foil. Many vehicle owners are discovering the amazing benefits of wrapping their car keys in aluminum foil. The reasons you should wrap your car keys with aluminum foil are discussed below:

How does key fob technology work?The reason why you need to wrap your car keys in aluminum foil is based on a weakness in the key fob car security system. Key fob technology works by the key fob sending signals to your car to unlock, and with certain car models, to even start your car. But just how is this possible? You see, for a car to unlock there needs to be a match up of codes created by a computer chip in your key fob and those generated by a computer chip in your car. If the two codes fail to match up, the car won’t open. And if they do, then the car is open to anyone makes the two codes match. And anyone means a lot of people besides you. That is the flaw in the system.

What is the risk?

Car hackObviously, having your car unlock and even start itself from a distance is very convenient, but it has its risks. Criminals can steal key fob wireless signals, even for those cars that won’t start unless you are a foot away from them. For such high security cars, these criminal minds will use amplifiers to be able to intercept your signal from even 300 feet away.

After the signal has been intercepted, these thugs then try to determine what code your car will generate so that when the two match up, the car will unlock itself. This takes a master hand in hacking because there could be a billion possible codes generated by your car. When they narrow down these possible combinations to around 200,000, it will then take a computer about half an hour to determine the correct code. This is of course not easy, but thugs show unequaled determination in getting things they are not entitled to. This puts your car at great risk and unless you take action to protect your car by preventing your key fob from sending signals that can so easily be intercepted, it might just cost you your car.

How can you protect your car?

There are several easy things you can do to prevent your key fob from sending signals, all of which work by blocking these signals. These signals cannot pass through a metallic barrier hence encasing your car keys in a metallic case is a great way to secure your car.

The easiest and most convenient way of securing your key fob is by wrapping it in aluminum foil. This is especially practical because aluminum is malleable and cheap. And it is as good a metal as any. Alternatively, you could make a box and line it with aluminum. This should keep the signals contained. However, be sure to wrap those keys correctly otherwise you might just as well leave them unwrapped.

Other alternatives include leaving your car keys in the refrigerator, or the freezer. This will block the signals because the freezers are made of metal. You should however consult with your car dealer to ensure that the refrigerator will not damage your key fob. If you are not comfortable with putting your car keys in the refrigerator, then you could use your microwave oven, provided you do not turn it on.

You could also buy a signal blocking pouch which is made solely for the purpose of keeping your car keys safe, but this might not be pocket friendly to most people.

At the end of the day, it is about keeping your car safe from those malicious thieves and hackers, and if you cannot think of a better way of securing your key fob, grab that aluminum foil and wrap it around those keys.

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