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Why Live in Scottsdale Arizona?

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Why Live in Scottsdale Arizona?

Located in Arizona, Scottsdale is one of the richest cities of the nation, and it has also become internationally recognized as one of the poshest and most expensive areas in the United States, and a great tourist destination. However, if you do not plan to visit the city as a tourist, and instead are thinking of moving there, then many people might have given you different opinions, like people there are snobs, they do not like socializing and so on. So, why live in Scottsdale Arizona? If this is a question running in your mind, continue reading this article brought to you by to discover your answer.

Living here is very affordable

Even if you do not own a million dollars, South Scottsdale can be the right place for you. South Scottsdale has been popular as the working class area for years now, and its housing costs is almost a third of what you will have to pay for residing in the more upscale North Scottsdale.

It has all you want

AZ nightclubTourism contributes to Scottsdale’s economy to a great extent, of course not without reasons. Apart from having maximum number of destination and luxury spas of the country, Scottsdale also has an increasing number of nightclubs, restaurants, luxury shops, trendy galleries and lots more. You will likely consider these things, while planning to move to any city.

So much to do outdoors

Mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking are all very popular through Scottsdale, so, together with enjoying, you will always stay in good shape. Thompson and Pinnacle Peak are very popular, which offers trails for everything, right from horseback riding to running, and more.

Scottsdale is not ‘Snotsdale’

Owing to the presence of numerous high-end homes, Scottsdale has been also called ‘Snotsdale’. This, however, is not true. Apart from extremely wealthy people, there are also many middle class areas in the city, and they do not behave like snobs.

It is happy and happening

Scottsdale is also known as one of the most happening and hippest places in the country. The nightlife here is amazingly pretty and vibrant. The clubs and bars of downtown attract about 40,000 people every week. So, for you nightlife lovers, Scottsdale is not going to be anything less of a paradise.

It is always sunny and bright

AZ SunScottsdale is popular for its long sunny days, 330 days of sunshine each year is what you will enjoy, and even during winters, about 72 degrees is what you can expect. This is the reason why many people from other parts of the country move to Scottsdale during winters. If you too do not like winters much, Scottsdale is the right place to live in.

It is so Fashionable

Come November, and Scottsdale transforms into a fashion capital. Even though it might not be as big as the New York Fashion Week, you can certainly say it to be the next big thing. Scottsdale Fashion Week is becoming more and more popular, with the most famous department store fashion designers displaying their collections.

A perfect destination for golf lovers

Scottsdale golfScottsdale has more than 200 area courses, and is popularly known as one of the finest golf destinations in the country. Be it desert landscaped courses, traditional fairways, or rolling green areas, Scottsdale has it all.

You can enjoy a wave too

You are in a dessert, right, but who says you cannot enjoy a wave here? You can in fact enjoy here as much as you would elsewhere. The FlowRider at Westin Kierland Resort allows you to learn surfing like a professional on body boards or short boards. You may even go ice-skating at Desert Ridge Marketplace during the winter months.

Animals get all the love and extra care

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation center works hard to care and protect the animals there. Any animal that is injured are taken great care of, nursed, and rehabbed back to good health, and all the staff there is knowledgeable and friendly.

Your pet too will have a great time

The Chaparral Dog Park of Scottsdale is one of the most amazing dog parks that you will find anywhere. They do not separate dogs by size here, instead, the idea is to separate active dogs from the passive dogs, to make sure everyone enjoys. You can even take your little pet with you in the ArtWalk, and get him painted by local artists.

So, Scottsdale offers everything anyone would dream of, all that a family would need, thus making it one of the most desirable places to live in.

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Things To Do In Mesa Arizona

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Things To Do In Mesa Arizona

Mesa Arizona is one of the fantabulous and iconic places to be, to experience and to enjoy lots of spectacular activities all geared towards self-fulfillment and satisfaction. Together with your kids, you will find the best activities for both young and old and therefore, you just need to relax and experience everything that you like most. If you are planning your trip to Meza Arizona, you have chosen the best, and you will never regret visiting this awesome place. Once you arrive, there are several things that you can do and enjoy, and all of them are aimed at providing the best experience for you while on your trip. The things to do in Mesa Arizona, therefore, include the following brought to you by top rated locksmith services in Mesa Arizona:

Arts and culture

Are you a lover of culture? Of course, you will not miss finding cultural things to do in this awesome place. Here you have got to choose since you cannot exhaust everything. Some of the things that you can do here include the Sculpture Walk performing arts, visiting the museums, and also you will have a chance to see the Gilbert & Mesa Arizona Temple. The cultural things here are so fantastic, and they are the best you can choose to enjoy.


Mesa CasinoAlso, there are lots of entertainment activities that are meant to give satisfactory experiences to the visitors. Therefore, you will have a chance to choose the best entertainment activity that you like most and the available ones include the family fun, the nightlife, casinos, and the Wild West Experience. What an amazing fun that you have got to enjoy? You will surely come out of this place with a contented heart and mind.


Do you love golf? Mesa Arizona is everything that you need. As a lover of golf, here you will get the best of all, and you will leave this place to come back. If you are new to golf, there are also golf courses available for you and you will get to meet with professional golf masters who will give you guidance and directions on how to play the same.

Day trips

At Mesa Arizona, there are several attractive places you can visit while on your trip. Just to mention some few, it includes the Mogollon Rim, the Cochise County, Tucson, the Globe-Miami and the Apache Trail among others. In these places, you will surely enjoy every bit of the walk, and it will be the best experience for you.

Outdoor activities

Mesa hikingLove hiking? Of course, that is one of the activities that you will enjoy while in this wonderful place. Surely, it is the best place you have to enjoy all the outdoor activities that are available for you. Some of the activities in this place include the scenic tours, cycling, horseback riding, water recreation, air adventures, the waterparks and pools, desert exploration, parks and zoos and of course hiking. These are the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy together with your kids.

Shopping and Spas

Here you will find the best shopping that you will surely come to like. Also, you will come to enjoy everything that comes with shopping, and if you are doing it for your lovely kids, everything is there for you.

Here, there are several retail centers, antique shops, art gallery shops, gift and specialty shops, shopping malls, and the farmers markets. All are the best places equipped with every kind of need that you are looking forward to buying.

Springs Training

As a sports fan, you have got the best that is awaiting you at Mesa Arizona and amazingly, you will find some of the awesome facilities in place for the same. As a matter of fact, it has got one of the awesome stadiums where you got to learn sporting activities such as the baseball games. Every other time, visitors converge here to enjoy themselves in a variety of sporting activities that have gained peak for the last few years.

Therefore, Mesa Arizona has got everything in place for its visitors, and many have witnessed and enjoyed the same. If you are skeptical or wondering about this, just plan a trip to this place and you will surely come to testify of the same. Everything that you will do watch or experience while here will be so beneficial for you and your kids.

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The Safest Places To Live In The Phoenix, AZ Metro

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The Safest Places To Live In The Phoenix, AZ Metro

Home is certainly where the heart is. Ideally, your home should be located in a safe place. In Phoenix Arizona Metro area there are many avenues that are worth exploring but it pays to know The Safest Places To Live In The Phoenix, AZ Metro. Here is a brief look at some places in Phoenix that are deemed to be very safe to live in by our friends at local locksmiths in Chandler, AZ.


This neighborhood in east Phoenix is ranked very high in the list of safest places to live in the Phoenix, AZ Metro. The thing that really strikes you about Arcadia is its excellent location.

Windsor Square

Windsor SquarePhoenix is not renowned for being a city that is friendly for its many pedestrians. However, if you choose to live in Windsor Square you will find a place that is heaven for pedestrians. This is a neighborhood that is very historic and it lies in very close proximity to the Central Phoenix area, which features a ton of businesses. This may be a slightly more expensive part of the Phoenix AZ Metro region but it safe and has excellent location.

Parkview Estates in Deer Valley

Parkview Estates in Deer Valley is ranked very high when it comes to choosing the safest places to live in the Phoenix, AZ Metro. This particular location in Phoenix AZ has a crime index that is very high. On a scale where 100 are the safest place, this particular area in Phoenix AZ Metro has a crime index of just 91. Parkview has an excellent location and lies very close to the Interstate 17 and the 101 Loop. This is really a suburb of Phoenix and is inhabited as well as visited very often by sophisticated urban dwellers. The nice thing about living here is that it lies very close to the Deer Valley Park, which you and your family can visit over the weekends. It also lies close to Adobe Dam Recreation Area.

Chandler Boulevard and Ray Road

Ray RoadChandler Boulevard along with Ray Road is also considered to be very safe places to live in Phoenix, AZ Metro. It also has a good crime index at 90 and is a suburban area that is home to the top fifteen percent of America’s wealthiest communities. A visit to this part of Phoenix will be well worth it, especially as there are well-maintained streets and public areas. The place is well lit and safe even after the sun has gone down. Some places that you should visit in this part of Phoenix include the Ahwatukee Foothills Town Center, which is the perfect place to do your shopping.

Vista Del Cerro and Firebrand Ranch

This is also one of the safest places to live in Phoenix, AZ Metro. Its crime index is a bit low at 87 but nevertheless it is a safe place to live in Phoenix AZ Metro. Vista del Cerro and Firebrand Ranch are easy to approach from the Interstate 10. If you love to travel and play golf then this is the perfect place to live in because there are a couple of nice golf courses here which you can check out at your leisure. There is also plenty for those who love the outdoor life and South Mountain Park in particular is worth taking in.

Equestrian Trails Neighborhood

Equestrian trailsEquestrian Trails Neighborhood has a nice crime index of 85 and hence is including in The Safest Places To Live In The Phoenix, AZ Metro. It lies very close to Awhatukee Country Club and is perfect for those who are looking for hiking opportunities. If you love the outdoors then this is the perfect place for you to live in Phoenix AZ Metro. Mountain Vista Park lies close by and is frequented by families with their young children. When the sun comes up and also when it goes down this particular neighborhood of Phoenix AZ Metro offers some truly amazing vistas. Be sure to have your camera handy at these times as you can click some truly wonderful and memorable pictures.

If you are thinking about living in Phoenix AZ Metro, then be sure to check out these safest places to live in this city, which is also famous for its numerous resorts and spas as well a golf courses. Though the city is affected by crime, these neighborhoods are generally considered to be very safe to live in.

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How Safe Is Tempe AZ?

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How Safe Is Tempe AZ?

Tempe is a relatively safe city found in Maricopa County in the United States of America. It’s named after the renowned Vale-of-Tempe in Greece. The city is strategically located in metropolitan Phoenix, East Valley section.

Tempe is bordered by Mesa on the east, Guadalupe & Phoenix on the west, Chandler on the south and Scottsdale on the north.

How safe is Tempe AZ ?

TempeTempe, AZ is a city that is very safe for all kinds of people and organizations. It comfortably accommodates the young and old, the rich and poor, visitors and residents, the employed and unemployed, large and small businesses and also natives and foreigners.

The environment is conducive to live in all aspects, be it political, economic and social. Our friends down at helped us out with a great deal of the following information.

Economic environment

Tempe, AZ hosts the headquarters of some of leading companies in the world such as; Insight Enterprises (a Fortune 500 Company), Limelight Networks, Mobile Mini, LifeLock, Fulton Homes, First Solar, Go Daddy, Salt River Project and Circle K.

Some prominent companies such as Edward Jones Investments have regional headquarters in the city. It hosts Arizona Mills (one of the largest shopping malls in Arizona) on an area that borders Guadalupe Town.

There are numerous employment opportunities in the city. For instance, an impressive 40, 000 people have been employed by only 10 organizations resident in Tempe (which are; Arizona State University, US Airways, Salt River Project, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, among others.

The fact that Tempe, AZ hosts some of the most prominent companies in the world, has abundant employment opportunities and generally has a stable economic environment means that the city is quite safe. It’s not susceptible to the challenges that are usually caused by high levels of unemployment and poverty (e.g. criminal activities).

Political environment

Tempe, AZ is under the jurisdiction of a mayor and deputy mayor. The two are in charge of security matters in the city (in collaboration with a dedicated police force).

The city has several emergency stations equipped with fire engines and other equipment that are useful in dealing with emergency situations.

According to Sister Cities International, Tempe, AZ has nine sister cities; Beaulieu-sur-mer (France), Cusco (Peru), Carlow (Republic of Ireland), Cuenca (Ecuador), Lower Hutt (New Zealand), Timbuktu (Mali), Regensburg (Germany), Zhenjiang (People’s Republic of China) and Skopje (Macedonia).

It was declared to have the best Sisters Cities Program for three years (1998, 2004 & 2008) by Sisters Cities International.

The factors above are clear indications that Tempe, AZ is one of the safest cities in the world.

Social environment

According to the latest census report (which was conducted in 2010) Tempe, AZ had a population of 161, 719 people, with a population density of 1,570 people per square kilometer. In 2014, the population had increased to 172, 816 people who occupied about 67,068 housing units.

The racial composition is as follows; 70% Whites, 17% Hispanics, 3% African Americans, 0.3% Pacific Islanders, 2% Native Americans, 5% Asians and 3 % other races.

The average size of each household is 2, while each family has an average of 3 members. The ratio of males to females is 107: 106.

Each household has a median income of US $ 42, 361, whereas each family has a median income of US $ 55,237. Males and females have median incomes of US$ 36, 406 and US$ 28,605 respectively.

The city’s per capita income is US $ 22,406, with only 7.5% of families and a paltry 14.3% of the general population living below the poverty line.

Generally, Tempe, AZ consists of people from different racial backgrounds, has a sustainable population, low population density, enough housing units, an impressive per capita income and very few people living below the poverty line. These are clear indications that the city is, by and large, safe to live in.

Recreational activities

Tempe, AZ hosts Tempe Town Lake, a public facility that’s run by the Temple City administration. Many tourists and residents visit the lake to engage in recreational activities. Approximately 2.7 million people visit Tempe Town Lake every twelve months.

The city is also home to South Mountain and Papago parks, where many people go to engage in recreational activities such as; hiking, Frisbee golf, road biking and also rock climbing.

The availability of these recreational facilities ensures that people who live in Tempe, AZ are productively engaged in constructive recreational activities whenever they are not working. This means that there are minimal criminal activities in the city

Tempe, AZ is therefore safe.

Educational facilities


Tempe, AZ is the home of several reputable learning institutions such as; Tempe Elementary School, Kyrene School, Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, Lamson Junior College and Brookline College.

The presence of these learning institutions means that most of the young people in the city are actively engaged in constructive activities. They are also signals that most of the youth are molded into productive members of the society.

Tempe, AZ is therefore very safe.

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What To Look For in a Property

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Buying a house can be a stressful period for anyone.  If you all are in the situation to have to shop for a property, there are several things you will have to take into consideration.

If you know what you are looking for prior to shopping, you will make it easier not only for yourself to buy a property, but also for your real estate agent.  Also, you will be able to find what you are looking for and avoid spending a tremendous amount of time on searching, looking at, and browsing properties.

1.Know Your Needs

It is not the same if you live with your dog, or if you are looking for a home for a huge family of ten members.  Knowing your needs, and synchronizing your needs with the needs of other members of your family, is the most important things you can do prior to buying a home.  This will allow you to narrow your search, and each will also make you able to recognize your home when you see it.

2.Know Your Wants

Your needs might not be the same as your wants, and it’s something you should be aware of.  If you want a certain house, that doesn’t mean that that house will be the best one for you.  You will have to know the difference between what you want and what you need, and try to find a real estate which fulfills both your needs and your wants.  You should also be aware that sometimes your once mighty get in the way of you making a sound judgment about a certain property.

3.Know Your Budget

Even though I would like to tell you that all your dreams can come true, and you just have to wish upon a star, or with a magic wand to make something happen, chances are you’ll are probably old enough to understand that the world doesn’t work in that way.  If you want to buy a property you cannot afford, there is only one thing you can do, and that is to drop the idea of buying it.  I know it sounds harsh, but you should really know your budget in order for you to be successful at buying a home.

4.Find A House That Fits

He doesn’t hurt if you come up with a list also all the characteristics the property should have and how much money do why are willing to spend.  So when you go house-hunting, you will be able to check the boxes from your list and see how well this house fits your needs, your wants, and your budget.  Also, it will help you compare in different houses and the scores they achieved on your sheet.  This will help you make a valid assessment, which will at the same time be the most objective assessment of the properties you have looked at.

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