Arizona’s Safest Cities From Burglaries

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Arizona’s Safest Cities From Burglaries

The “Grand Canyon State” of Arizona is bequeathed to by nature with a dozen national parks, warm weather, breathtaking landscapes and other physical features that have consequently attracted large populations and numerous settlements. With these high populations also inevitably come along the potential for high crime rates.

The central theme of the following discourse is to identify, highlight and discuss ten of the safest cities in Arizona from burglaries in the year 2016 by examining their respective crime incidences. Big thanks to Tempelocksmithpros.com for the helpful info.


This seat of Pinal County is home to three state prisons and has a population of just about 26,000 inhabitants. It has very low crime rates; its violent crimes per 1,000 persons are just 1.28 whereas that of property crimes per 1,000 is only 5.98. These combined with its proximity to Phoenix, Arizona makes it quite suitable for habitation.


Originally a “company town” during the copper mining boom of the yesteryears, this town of just about 5,000 inhabitants has now degenerated into an outdoor park where the lovers of nature, camping, sight-seeing and those keen to refresh themselves may visit. Its most recent violent crimes per 1,000 were only 1.45 while its property crimes per 1,000 were just 10.17.


With a population of only 2,882 persons, this popular retirement destination that is located in Yuma County is one of the safest in Arizona. Its latest crime data are as follows: its violent crimes per 1,000 are only 0.34 while its property crimes per 1,000 is only 12.01.


This town with a population of slightly over 27,000 residents offers excellent fishing, camping, sight-seeing and other recreational opportunities. It is the most southerly-located of all the safest cities in Arizona. Its most recent violent crimes per 1,000 were only 0.33 while its property crimes per 1,000 stands at only 14.44. Its residents and any visitor may therefore enjoy all the trappings that the town has to offer without any fear of whichever nature.


Situated in between Arizona’s two largest cities of Phoenix and Tucson, this small community which traces its origins to the year 1879 is expressly dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of its residents besides offering amazing outdoor and educational opportunities. Its most recent crime report indicates violent crimes per 1,000 of only 0.80 and property crimes per 1,000 of around 14.48.


Gilbert, AZThis city which is located to the southeast of Phoenix, Arizona is truly devoted to enhancing the safety and wellbeing of its residents. It uses the GPS location technology as well as the Gilbert Police Department app to relay crucial security-related data to its residents in real time. The very low violent crimes per 1,000 of only 0.89 together with the equally low property crimes per 1,000 of only 14.75 clearly proves it all.

San Luis

Located to the South West corner of the State of Arizona, this city with a population of approximately 26,000 persons is part of the Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its low violent crimes per 1,000 of just about 1.56 as well as the equally low property crimes per 1,000 of only 14.25 means that the city is very safe, secure, and livable.


This is yet another city that is located in Yuma County. Its population size is around 14,687 people out of which the violent crime per 1,000 was only 1.65 while the property crime per 1,000 was only 14.20 as per the most recent statistics. Its residents and visitors alike are therefore freed from any unnecessary fears that may potentially arise out of burglaries.


Surprise, AZBased in the Maricopa County, this city of around 120,000 inhabitants boasts of very low crime rates, safe streets, and neighborhoods and is undoubtedly one of the best places to set up residence in Arizona. As per the most recent statistics, its violent crimes per 1,000 were only 1.10 while its property crimes per 1,000 were just 16.79.


Concluding the list of the top ten safest cities in Arizona is this community of around 5,000 residents that is located in Apache County. Its latest violent crimes per 1,000 persons were only 1.02 while its property crimes per 1,000 persons were just about 17.08. These figures are slightly higher for a city its size but are nonetheless low when compared with crime rates in other parts of the State.


It is worth noting that the list above as do the safety parameters keep fluctuating every quite often. The long-term reliability of this list of the safest cities in Arizona from burglaries is therefore not guaranteed. It is thus incumbent upon all the interested persons to carry out thorough research before visiting or owning property in any of these locales to avoid any unforeseen misfortunes such as break-ins, burglaries, and armed robberies.

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The Best Arrow Locks On The Market

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The Best Arrow Locks On The Market

Are you searching for good locks for your home or office? It’s very painful to work day and night all in search of money to purchase properties, only for the properties to be snatched away by thieves. You might not want this argument to head this direction, so let us get to the locks straight. To be sincere, the hassle of searching for the ideal type of lock is not easy. It is always a task that calls for both dedication and commitment on your part.

Nevertheless, the process has been simplified. You no longer need to hop now and then from one home improvement shop to another simply looking for a lock at the lowest price available. Just as a simple note, cheap is expensive at times. So, what is the way forward? Simply, buy yourself one among the best locks available, and this ideally is none other than Arrow locks. Here is a detailed review into the top arrow locks on our market today;

Arrow QL01 SB Series Locks

This lock has a freewheeling lever unit and hence it’s considered a strong grade one lock type. The freewheeling lever reduces resistance created by the customers considerably, and the availability of a compact double screw lockset in the lock guarantees installation is much easier. If you are intending on upgrading your own commercial lockset, arrow QL01 SB is the lock type you require. And what’s more, the lock comes with a 10-year warranty!

Arrow H Series Locks

Arrow H SeriesArrow H Series is yet another type of arrow lock which guarantees ultimate security and safety to your property. The locks have been engineered and designed with features that ensure long-lasting performance. In case you are similar to most builders, you ought to be keen in all security measures. One can trust this H series locks, particularly because operating them involves using a knob and a lever on either side. The locks have a one year warranty.

Arrow Mk Series Locks

The Mk series lock is a lock that has now, for a long time, been utilized by designers, architects and contractors. They possess amazing finishes, architectural functions, and designs and this has seen several people prefer it compared to other locks. They’re ideal for commercial and home use applications that require top security. With a three year warranty that comes along with these locks, one can be rest assured fully that nothing will go wrong.

Arrow RK series

The Arrow RK lock offers a great number of functions and finishes. Thanks to the amazing minds behind the lock for they found the need to improve the features. It cannot get any better; in case you are searching for an economical door lock, then your long search ends with Arrow RK series locks. This lock is appropriate for multi-family housing as well as all light commercial applications. Many of these door locks are built to be operated using a knob on each side. And like the earlier locks, this door lock comes having a five-year warranty.

Arrow BM Lever Series

Arrow LeverArrow Lever the locks are engineered and designed specifically for heavy-duty door locks in schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings where security is important. They are very durable, and the most interesting part? They only require low maintenance! A keen examination of these door locks reveals durable series made precisely to avail nothing but amazing performance. These locks are operated using a lever on both side. Not to forget, the locks come along with a 5-year limited warranty.

Arrow locks are one of the best in terms of security. They are commonly used to secure big institutions such as public schools, libraries and universities as well as retail shops and homes. The professional engineering used in designing the locks is with no doubt the best as it provides maximum security in places that are open to human traffic. The locks come complete having locking hardware, key system and door control.

Let us be sincere. There are several best arrow door locks in the today market. However, the above brands stand out currently as the best. Whereas it is a fact that people have different tastes and preferences, when it comes to door locks, it all comes to one simple thing: security. Do they provide security to your belongings? Maybe no maybe yes. Simply, if you have are looking for the top arrow lock, choose either of the mentioned brands and allow them give you’re their esteemed properties the safety and security they deserve.

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Featured Company : Diamondback Lock and Key in Chandler, AZ

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Diamondback Lock and Key LogoThis featured company is an amazing locksmith company located in Chandler Arizona called Diamond Back Lock and Key. They have been in business for almost a decade here in the valley and have a wonderful track record as you can see from their reviews on Yelp and Google as well. They are also A+ BBB accredited for locksmith services here in Arizona.


Diamondback Lock and Key performs car key replacements, ignition repairs, lock out services, re-keying, lock changes and number of commercial lock services like exit device installation. With over 100+ positive reviews across the web they are one of the most popular lock and home security services in Chandler and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a locksmith give them a call today at (602) 388-1201!

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The Best Locks For Commercial Property

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The Best Locks For Commercial Property

Installing high security locks keep businesses secure and safe. Owners of commercial businesses who intend to make their businesses safe have several lock brands available to them. The purpose of this write up is to highlight The Best Locks For Commercial Property

These types of brands are pocket friendly and will always deter unwanted guests from making an entry into your premises during ungodly hours. Make sure you get the best quality; below are the details concerning lock brands from the best commercial locksmith services in Arizona.

Baldwin Locks

Baldwin locks are well known throughout the security industry. Their quality remains unmatched; they also provide innovative ideas. They have been making quality locks since 1946. They are good for commercial buildings that require high security.

These locks are crafted using hands and are of high quality. They deliver high performance and are aesthetically pleasing. The Baldwin lock company allows its clients to create custom locks that suit the needs of their businesses.

Kwikset Locks

KwiksetKwikset locks have a huge market base and are available in all locations where locks can be sold. These brands are slightly less expensive and are highly recognizable. However, their cost must not fool you that the quality of these locks is substandard.

The quality is of high standard. Kwikset brands also produce electronic locks, deadbolts, levers, hand set locks, knobs, light commercial locks as well as lock accessories.

The SmartKey remains Kwikset lock’s most innovative product. It’s a re-key technology that allows the user to quickly re-key locks without necessarily removing the whole unit. It’s an excellent feature for companies whenever they move out of commercial buildings or even for expansion purposes

Omnia Locks

For close to five decades, Omnia lock brands have been manufacturing architectural hardware and locksets. They have a large customer base all over the United States .they export their lock products to Central America, Canada , Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and to several international locations. Their locks are simple but are modern in style. Most of their brands are crafted using brass and aluminum. This is to complete the decoration of most office buildings

Schlage Locks

It’s true that that most international brands offer classic locks that have been made from high quality materials, Schlage locks fall in this category. They are always very serious about security. Schlage locks have been manufacturing locks in the last nine decades; they are therefore highly experienced. They are best known for providing quality commercial grade locks that consist of electronic keypad locks, deadbolts, and knobs, handle sets, levers and other accessories. On top of that, Schlage locks deliver good styled locks that perfectly blend with all office doors

Weiser locks

Having been around since 1904, weiser lock brands have been manufacturing locks in California and South Gate. They have been making locks for movie star homes. With time they have expanded their market base targeting industries and commercial home owners. Weiser locks focus on creating high quality and secure locks. Their locks are also very fashionable. Their comp[any offers locks that are good for commercial office settings.


Weslock have been manufacturing and innovating locks for residential and commercial use since 1932. All their lock components are made from metals that can easily be installed. They make removable rosettes, knobs and removable levers. Their locks are also elegant apart from having contemporary designs

Michigan locksmiths’ services

Michigan locksmiths’ services also make quality locks for commercial buildings. They make laser car keys, high security locks, multi locks, dead bolts, knobs, fobs, file cabinet locks, electronic locks, patio door locks as well as electronic locks. They are always aware that the security of your business goes beyond applying for an insurance cover for business. Their locks are both classic and of good quality

The American locks

American LockThe American locks ensure that you take full control in securing your business enterprise. They tailor their locks for specific needs that include key control, multiple key options, custom marking, laser engraving and various shackle and body size options. These options ensure that a business security lock system is highly customized and is tailored to cater for the owner’s specific needs

Here they allow you to decide on the design of lock you wish to have. Whenever you choose the features that that you require, they feed you with the details and quote the price. Their locks are of good quality. They ensure that your business premise is well protected.

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Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

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Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

Choosing the best garage door openers is not an easy task. It requires a lot of consideration. You need to think critically about the best garage opener for your garage. Most people consider the brand and cost when determining which garage door opener to buy. It is imperative that you should consider more than just the brand. The best garage door opener is the one that will meet all your expectations. The type of door you have for your garage also determines the kind of door opener you needs.

Different brands of garage doors are designed to meet different customer needs and preferences. It is important to equip yourself with the relevant information about each one of them before you make your choice. There are few critical areas that you need to consider. The tips below provided by our friends at AZ Garage Pros can act as a guideline to help you choose the best garage door opener for your garage.

Consider the height and weight of your garage door.

Heavy Garage DoorGarage doors are made of different materials and in different sizes. Not all garage doors openers can lift up heavy garage door. In that case you will have to consider the weight of your garage door and determine the right horse power that an opener should have to be able to lift the door. You should consider the one with a higher horse power to ensure ease of lift, and prevent burning out of the motor. You should also ensure that it is high enough to lift your garage door.

Type of drive.

DrivesThe type of drive determines how much noise your garage door will make. There are several type of drives available in the market. One is the chain drive. This is the noisiest drive that you can have. They uses a metallic chain along a metallic trolley. They are however the cheapest which makes them the most common. The second one is the screw drive. It uses threaded steel-rod in door lifting. The latest screw drive models have a plastic lined track to reduce noise. The plastic lining also increases agility which makes the drive more efficient. The third type of drives is the belt drive. They are regarded as the best. The main reason is because the make the least noise while lifting the garage door. They are also fast which makes them the ideal choice you can go for.

Safety and security.

Security is a key concern when it comes to the garage. The best garage door opener come with security feature that will prevent unauthorized people from accessing your garage. In addition, your safety and the safety of anyone operating your garage door should be enhance. Before you purchase a garage door, ensure that it is tested for safety and security.


Opening DoorRemote controls makes it easier for you’re to open the garage door while still in your car. With a click of a button, you will open the door and drive in the garage. Closing the door is easier too. The best garage door should also allow you to manually open it when the power is down. Some do not have that option which might inconvenience you. Ensure that the garage door you will buy has a manual opening option.

Read reviews.

Customer feedback is a good source of first-hand information about a product. If you want to know how well the garage door you are interested in buying meeting other people’s need, read online reviews. Ensure that the source of your information is credible since some sources cannot be relied on to provide correct information. Creating a pros and cons of each brand of garage doors opener is the best way of determining the best.

Check warranty options.

The best garage door openers offers warranty that covers replacement parts, material cost and labor. The validity period of the warranty is also an area of concern. The longer the period the better. Some garage door suppliers will offer extended warranty period at a small fee, at the end of the stated warranty period.

Choosing the best garage door opener requires you to pay more attention to the specific feature that differentiate the brands. Some brands could have almost the same features, but there is always that one thing that makes it what it is. Maybe that is the feature that will optimize your satisfaction. Ensure you understand the installation instructions if you are thinking o installing it yourself.

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