Dude Where’s My Keys? – Common Places We Lose Our Keys

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Dude Where’s My Keys? – Common Places We Lose Our Keys

There is nothing more frustrating that losing your car keys. You have checked everything before going to work – portfolio, wallet, calling cards, make-up, clothes, shoes – everything is ready. Not until you run into your car, and find your car keys gone! Your brain suddenly goes dead. You are running a tight schedule with an important meeting in half an hour, but no car keys in sight.

This is a situation where your stress level shifts into high gear. It is dangerous, since that raises your blood pressure, and you lose focus. Since you can’t subject yourself to stressful situations all the time, you need helpful tips on places that you are likely to find them. Here is an interesting write-up about the top five places where you can lose them thanks to the guys at LA Car Key Pros. Perhaps, by taking serious thoughts about this matter, you will never have to lose your car keys again.

No. 1- In Desk Drawers

You tend to lose your car keys in your desk drawer- whether at home or at work. If it is part of daily routine to throw your car keys in the desk drawer, you may lose focus and put it in another drawer instead. This happens when you had a bad day at home, with kids yelling at each other, or the water pipe suddenly bursting, among other incidents. This can also happen at work when you had a bad confrontation with your boss or missed an important appointment. When these things occur, routine tasks are disrupted. What happens is that you may throw your car keys off the desk, landing it right at the dust bin. Or, probably, throw it in another drawer.

No. 2- Places That You Visited.

You go to a number of places every day- grocery, shopping malls, library, restaurants, movie theatre and many other places. The excitement of cramming all the things that you do in one day can make you lose your keys. The constant digging in your bags as you go about your ways can make you forget that you have dropped them somewhere. By not being in focus, you may be mistakenly placed the car keys in the supermarket shelves, library shelves or in the lavatory in the restaurant where you just had lunch. A lose it in the most unlikely places- in corridors or below the shelves.

No. 3- In The Ignition Of Your Car.

car-ignition-2On your way to your car, you open your bag to check on your keys. It is not there. You run to the house to look at the shelves and the likely places where you must have put them, but it’s not anywhere to be found. You are now turning paranoid as you comb the area piece by piece. Until you realized the futility of it all, by going to your car to get your stuff and call in sick. As you get your things, you suddenly find your keys. It may embarrass you to high heavens, and feel ashamed that this stupid thing can happen to you, of all people. On a lighter note, you can just laugh mischievously about this incident. But probably, not all the time when this was still happening to you.

No. 4- On The Fridge

refrigeratorYou always have the old refrigerator to put all your small things. It is mostly food. But sometimes, you also put other things to keep them out of the children’s reach- like car keys. You plan to keep it there for only a short while but end up forgetting about it. This is what happens to hurried housewives, who juggle many things at home. They cook, wash clothes, clean up the house, fetch the children from school– and absentmindedly leave the car keys inside the fridge! While you go about your house work, you suddenly remember that you don’t have you car keys anymore. So u end up combing the area and having hysterics while doing it. You must remember that you need the presence of mind and a watchful eye so you can easily locate them.

No.5- In Your Favorite Jeans

You may have a favorite clothing apparel- jeans that you wear all the time. However, there comes a time, when you get to be a little frilly with you clothes and find yourself discarding those old reliable jeans. You were used to keeping your car keys on the side pocket, thinking that you will find them easily when you need them. It turned out that the long thread attached to the keys snapped. So you end up not finding them!


If you declare your car keys as irretrievable lost and with no spare set, you may have to get the services of a trusted Auto Locksmith near you. They can easily give you a replacement for any type of car keys that you have- transponder, electronic chips, or non-remote standard for all types of vehicles. There is nothing like having a trusted professional to do the job. Go give them all.